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Happy Cows- Happy Customers

We love happy cows- and happy customers.

Did you know that the meat that our customers are enjoying- took at least 2.5 years to get to them? More if you account for all of the brain storming to come up with just the right genetic mix to get the best tasting meat. Even longer if we were to breed that animals grandparents, to have their parents then breed- to get us to that particular animal.

We also believe in our animal's happiness; we LOVE happy cows. It gives them the best life, and is safer for us to be around cows who love us too. We work quietly, and calmly around our cows so that they are relaxed when they're with us. A little bit of extra grain goes a long ways when we need to work our cattle.

There are so many steps from coming up with a breeding plan, the breeding regimen, to the health of the animal during its life, feeding the perfect diet ratio, to how we choose to packaging and the cuts we want (and many more steps, but you get the point)- so that our customers have the best experience once it is on their table.

We thank you to all of our customers who have chosen us to fill their freezers, and their bellies! And look forward to meeting many new faces to love our beef, just as much as we do!

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