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Antibiotics and Meat

"Is your meat antibiotic and hormone free?"

Yes and no.

We do not give our animals any added hormones for growth, but the animal does have naturally occurring hormones. Without natural hormones, the animal would not be able to survive. Some of our breeding momma cows get synchrony hormones used before breeding season, but they are on brood cows- and are not intended for meat. Some other foods that have natural hormones? -Cabbage -Tofu -Soybeans -peanuts -Beer -Milk

Antibiotics- This one is tricky one. By law, all farm animals must be free of any antibiotics before they enter the human food chain. So in that sense, all meat at the time of processing is antibiotic free, because by the time that they have made it to the processor, their body has had time to break down the antibiotics and they are no longer in their system. Yes, there are some feeds that have antibiotics in them (this type is actually illegal to feed) But that is not what our animals are eating.

But we at RRCC have our animals best intentions in mind. If an animal is sick, or has a wound that we (and our Veterinary professionals) deem in need of antibiotics to help them get better- then they will receive the appropriate treatment for their problem.

Pictured is our sweet and sassy Anastasia before she was even a weanling, she is now going to be in this fall's breeding program!

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