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Ribeye (Delmonico)

Our Ribeye Steaks (our processor labels them Delmonicos), are boneless and are cut to at least 1in thick and are between 14 and 16 ounces. This tender and highly marbled cut comes from the rib primal from the animal. It has an intense rich flavor and is great to cook on the grill or can be done in a pan or even the oven broiler.

Beef For Sale. American Wagyu. Ribeye Steak. Chesterfield VA.. Ribeye Steak

New York Strip

The New York Strip is cut from the short loin of the animal. It’s meaty and marbled in texture and makes for a nice solid chew. Very little seasoning or marinating needs to be done on this cut. Our NY Strips are boneless, cut to 1in thick and average 10-12 ounces. These are cooked great on the grill, or can be pan cooked or broiled.

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Flat Iron

The flat iron comes from the shoulder of the cow, and is nearly as marbled and tender as the tenderloin. The uniform thickness and rectangular shape makes this an easy cut to cook. Our flat irons are cut to around 1in thickness and are around 8oz in size. This cut is best when grilled.

Beef For Sale. American Wagyu. Flat Iron Steak. Chesterfield VA.

Chuck Eye Steak

The nickname of a chuck eye is a “baby ribeye”- it’s just as juicy and tender as a ribeye. This cut comes from the shoulder region, and is full of marbling and flavor. This cut is boneless and is cut to 1in thick and around 6-8oz in size. This is best grilled, pan seared or broiled.

Short Ribs

Our beef short ribs are bone in and packed FULL of flavor! They are cut against the bone (flanken). They are cooked best slow. Whether that is the smoker, or even the crock pot. They are not best suited for the grill. Because they are cut from between the chuck and the rib, they get the intense marbling of a rib steak but the deep flavor of a chuck.

Beef Short Ribs. Beef For Sale Virginia. Beef quarters

London Broil

Our London Broil comes from the Top Round of the animal. This cut does well after marinating and can either be cut up and cooked on the stove up, or cooked as its name indicates- Broiled! Cut thin against the grain and can be topped with a gravy, or added to tacos. Our London Broil is boneless, cut to 1in thick and is around 2lbs.

London Broil American Wagyu Beef


Flank Steak comes from the abdominal muscles of the animal. It is known for its significant grain, marbling and bold flavoring. This cut is boneless and is great for grilling and adding to any of your favorite dishes! They average 2 lbs.

Flank 1.jpg


Filet’s are one of the most popular steaks. The filet is cut from the tenderloin which runs on either side of the spine. This generally only takes up 2-3% of the entire animal. Even with slightly less marbling than the ribeye, this is the most tender, melt in your mouth cut of meat. Our filets are cut to 1in thick and are around 4-6oz. These are cooked great on the grill, or can be pan cooked or broiled.

Beef For Sale. American Wagyu. Filet Steak. Chesterfield VA. Wagyu Filet

Ranch Steak

The ranch steak comes from the chuck of a cow, mainly the shoulder. But don’t let that fool you. This cut is extremely tender, and is just the right size at around 8 ounces for anyone to enjoy. With our animals marbling, this cut has enough marbling in it to not dry out when cooking. This is a fairly unknown cut because most butchers add it to the grind for being too lean- that’s not the case with us! This cut is best when it is grilled.

Beef For Sale. American Wagyu. Denver Steak. Chesterfield VA.

Denver Steak 

This is Becca’s favorite cut. A Denver steak comes from the shoulder region of the animal- specifically under the shoulder blade, a muscle that isn’t used very much so it remains very tender. This is a relatively new cut of meat that butchers are just recently utilizing as a steak, instead of grinding. This cut is great grilled, pan seared or broiled. This is a boneless cut, is cut to 1in thick and is around 6 ounces.

Beef For Sale. American Wagyu. Denver Steak. Chesterfield VA.


Our briskets are cut in half and trimmed. They are perfect for a family to cook on the smoker for a delicious main course! There are only 2 briskets on an animal, so it is rare when we have them offered in individual cuts. Our briskets are usually around 3 pounds. You are welcome to reach out to see the exact sizes of our current briskets!

Chuck Strip Steak

What a diverse cut of meat! Chuck steak comes from the upper shoulder section of the animal. This piece is full of beefy flavor. It can be marinated and grilled as is, or cut up and made into many dishes! When served whole, it is best to cut across the grain into thinner strips. Our Chuck Strip Steak is boneless, and  cut into 2in thickness and is around 2 lbs.

Chuck strip steak. Beef. Steak. American Wagyu Beef

Sirloin Tip Steak

Our Sirloin Tip steaks are boneless and cut to 1in thick and are around 1.5lbs. Even though the name is sirloin, this cut comes from the round of the animal and is tender and lean. Great addition to any dish, or grilled whole and served sliced!

Sirloin Tip Steak American Wagyu Beef

Tri Tip

The Tri-Tip comes from the bottom of the sirloin subprimal cut. This Triangular cut is full of marbling and is very tender, great for grilling! There are only 2 of these cuts on an animal, so get them fast if they are available! Tri Tip is always boneless, and ours are usually around 2.5 lbs. 

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