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Full Blood Animals For Sale


The Heifer was born 12-1-2021, She is a carrier of IARS and CHS. Heifer was weaned  8-12-22 at 430 LBS, on 10-19-22 was 570lbs, she has been vaccinated and wormed. Weight at 2-28-23 is 832, and has had a breeding soundness exam done and is good to go! She will be bred in June, and her price will go up with a calf in utero, so get to her now!   Her mother is still in the herd with no vices and is still producing calves every year. Calm Docile female comes to grain bucket. Good tempered and easy to work. We can have more photos and videos available if needed.

 We are asking $8500.00 USD, we are located in Central Virginia.

Full blood cow for sale virginia
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The Heifer was born 3-22-22, she is a carrier of IARS. The heifer was weaned 11-25-2022 at 564 LBS, she has been vaccinated and wormed.  Weight 3-13-23 was 745. We bought her mother from Bar V, along with her 2 sisters. All are still in our program and are good cows with easy going temperaments. We expect this calf to be like her mother and her aunts, especially with 808F being her sire. 


We are asking $8500 USD, we are located in Central Virginia.

WAGYU cow for sale Virginia
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