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  • What is a Wagyu?
    Wagyu is a Japanese beef cattle Breed that is derived from native Asian cattle. Wagyu quite literally means (Wa) Japanese (Gyu) Cow. Most people are familiar with the term Kobe beef. Kobe is only from a certain area in Japan, that is certified as Kobe Wagyu beef. More on that, here!
  • What is an American Wagyu?
    American Wagyu is 50% Wagyu and 50% of another beef breed- for us, that breed is Angus.
  • Is your beef grass fed?
    Our animals live on lush grass pastures their entire life, but have access to grain and minerals from the day that they are born.
  • Is the beef hormone free?
    We do not give our animals any added hormones for growth, nor is it added to their feed. But the animal does have naturally occurring hormones. Without natural hormones, the animal would not be able to survive. Some of our breeding momma cows get synchrony hormones used before breeding season, but they are on brood cows- and are not intended for meat.
  • Is the meat Antibiotic free?
    Antibiotics- This one is tricky one. By law, all farm animals must be free of any antibiotics before they enter the human food chain. So in that sense, all meat at the time of processing is antibiotic free, because by the time that they have made it to the processor, their body has had time to break down the antibiotics and they are no longer in their system. Yes, there are some feeds that have antibiotics in them (this type is actually illegal to feed) But that is not what our animals are eating.
  • How do I get my order?
    When discussing options, we will let you know when your order will be back to us. Then we will set up a time (within 72 hours) to meet for you to pick up your order. Pickup is located in western Chesterfield, and can be done in under 5 minutes with no heavy lifting. Just bring something to transport your meat back to your freezer in. We are not offering shipping at this time.
  • How will my meat be packaged?
    Your meat will come in vacuumed sealed packages, sealed in individual portions, frozen and ready for your freezer! Ground beef is in one pound packages, and steaks are cut to 1 inch thick.
  • Is the meat USDA approved?
    Yes! Our processor is a USDA approved facility.
  • Is the meat aged?
    Yes, our butcher hangs the meat for 21 days to ensure the best quality beef!
  • What kind of payments do you take?
    We take check, cash or major credit cards with a 3.3% fee.
  • What size freezer do I need?
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