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Cattle and GMO feed

We get asked the question if our animals eat grain with GMO or if they are considered organic. And the answer is yes, our grain is GMO.

More than 95% of all of the animals that are used for dairy and meat in the US eat GMO crops. Research shows that dairy products, eggs, and meat from animals that eat genetically modified food are equal in quality, safety and in nutritional value than animals that only eat non-GMO food.

So does this mean that when you are eating meat from an animal that eats GMO feed, you too are eating GMO? No. When the animals eat the GMO foods, the DNA in the GMO does not transfer into the DNA of the animal that is eating it- meaning that the animals themselves do not turn into GMO.

There have been many studies showing evidence that feeding livestock with GMO feeds, is equivalent to feeding unmodified feed sources in terms of digestibility, feeding value and nutrient composition. There have been over one hundred different scientific studies that have found no difference in the productive performance or that of the health of the livestock that is eating genetically engineered feed.

Because of not being able to distinguish the difference between genetically engineered feed animals and those that are not, there are no requirements in US or Europe about specific labeling for these products.

Wagyu weanlings in Chesterfield VA

We fill up these 3 feed bins at least 4 times a year of top quality feed for our animals. All of our breeding cattle are hand fed once a day, while our babies, feeders and weanlings have access to feed 24/7.

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