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Genetics and our Herd

This dam hails from a JDH and Yamamoto bred branch of the Hikokura maternal line, JDH MS Sanjirou 1536, offers a rare combination of Chiyotake and Hikokura families combined on the bottom of her pedigree through the joining of two Paternal siblings. She has Sanjirou, TF Itohana 2, and the original Itomichi in her pedigree.

Her embryo calves have ranged from 45-81lbs. We have 2 of her daughters and a bull from her on the farm with us. 

Please email to learn more about what embryos we have to offer from this great cow and pricing! 



HTG Heritage Itozuru G714 ET


Fullblood Wagyu beef cow



This Cow has a very strong foundation built on the highly proven carcass trait leaders, Shigeshigetani and TF148 Itoshigenami. Both of these bulls transmit excellent Rib Eye size and Marbling to their progeny. The sire of this young female, MFC 2-12 has the added bonus of being a Shigeshigetani x TF151 Itozuru Doi cross while also being a direct descendent of the sensational brood cow, Hikokura 1/10. The maternal side of the pedigree traces through breed legends TF148 and Hirashigetayasu 001 to an embryo imported from the Lake Wagyu program in Australia. Her carcass's have proven to have the sought after fine and snowflake marbling everyone is after. 

207F pedigree.jpg
Full Blood Beef Wagyu Cow

Ribeye from 207F X BAR V 609D Steer at 30 Months



Grace! This cow comes has the famous US sire, Michiyoshi, featured in her pedigree. Michiyoshi is  a Double A proven sire who is now deceased. Only a few straws of his semen are still accountable, and they have sold for upwards of $1500 per unit. This Cow's pedigree combines genetics from both Itomichi 1/2 and Sanjirou. Her dam is a double bred Mitsuhikokura TF 149, a bull that is known to improve both growth and milk. 

Grace as she is known on the farm  has great temperament (much more dog like than cow), has great maternal characteristics and is a easy keeper.



This Cow has been titled a 'Royal Dam with Marbling Genetics Galore'. She is the daughter of Michiyoshi son by the 500Y donor cow from the JW Wagyu Program. Michiyoshi is  a double A proven sire who is now deceased, who's brother is now a #1 marbling bull in the US. This cows Grandmother is one of the most famous of the cows in the US, World K's Suzutani, and her mother i s67% Tajima- adding to this cow's already great Value. 

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