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Sexed for female embryos out of the Famous Genjiro FB5200 the direct son of Okutani ! He portrays himself in Breedplan as an incredibly well balanced sire. A rare Sire that in fact has positive growth rates m CWT m Eye Muscle , MS and MF and does it all with a positive Milk # and a top 5% gestation rate. Here he is paired with a Sanjirou daughter originating out of the Hikokura family. This set of embryos should produce top shelf females well balanced and ready help the buyer build a " set of keepers" ! **All Reverse sorted Female Sexed**


Quantity of Embryos: 2 Embryos

Grade of Embryos: Grade #1

Type of Embryos offered: IVF

Consignor: River Road Cattle Co.

Location of storage: Vytelle, Albany, NY -- Shipping at expense of buyer

Countries where export eligible to: Domestic USA


** Sexed for Females**

Please email to learn more about what embryos we have to offer from this great cow and pricing! 


Excluding Sales Tax
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