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Fullblood Wagyu Girls
F86 J86
Angus Recipient Herd
River Road Cattle Company Chesterfield VA. Beef shares near me. Beef for sale. Beef quarters. Steaks.

River Road Cattle Company, raising quality Registered Full Blood Wagyu and American Wagyu in Central Virginia. 

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Local beef you can love

We offer beef shares by the quarter, bundles as well as some individual cuts, locally to Central Virginia. Our beef cattle live the luxurious life with full access to unlimited hay, grain, and lush green fields. We are committed to our animal's health and well-being, and are all pasture raised. They are all raised in a stress fee environment with low stress handling. Our feed is hormone free, and we only use antibiotics when its necessary for the comfort of our animals. 

Have any questions on specific genetics, and percentages on our cattle? We DNA test each animal for parent and Wagyu percentage verification with American Wagyu Association. 

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