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Good Foundation Genetics Tall Boy combines the genetics of Itoshigenami TF148, Michifuku, Haruki II and Okutani and produces progeny with good growth, large ribeye and amazing marbling. He is a full brother to both Rowdy and Maverick. Tall Boy is bred from foundation genetics and has been used as an F1 sire. His genetics provide remarkable F1 carcasses and he is adds value to use with fullblood Wagyu, producing growth, extreme marbling and fineness of marbling, and large loin size through foundation genetics 50 percent Itoshigenami. 25 percent Michifuku and 25 percent Fujiko. Tall Boy,s genetics combine two of the highest quality meat sires ever to leave Japan – Itoshigenami TF148 and Michifuku with the great growth of the Okutani maternal line through Fujiko the first Fullblood Wagyu born in the U.S. whose dna sold for $26,000 dollars. TF148 genetics are well proven as a terminal sire for extremely high marbling and good fineness of marbling. Michifuku has consistently produced huge loin and ribeye sizes with extremely high marbling and fineness of marbling. The grand-dam is no other than Fujiko – combining Haruki II and Okutani. She is a full sister to Genjiro, a sire whose progeny and genomic data show very high growth and marbling. Genjiro semen, if found, commands prices in excess of $1,000 per straw. Okutani, one of the original 3 females imported from Japan, is considered the most potent and powerful for marbling and meat qualities. However, very few progeny exist by Okutani. Combining Okutani and Itoshigenami creates a double cross of Shigeshigenami – a world renown, premier sire from the Kumanami line.

Semen on this bull is $50.00 a straw, with 10 straws minimum and 20 straws maximum.


Buyer is responsiable for paying for shipping. Semen is not exportable outside of the US


We can ship with our tank for $225.00 to your facility of coice, or send a tank to us and we will fill and return with a call tag for $15.00.


Semen is located in Chesterfield County, Virginia- and will be shipped within 1 week of payment. 

Tall Boy FB12823

Excluding Sales Tax
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