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Our New York Strip is a classic cut that needs no introduction. Cut from the short loin of the animal, this meaty and marbled steak is perfect for a nice solid chew. No need to overcomplicate it with loads of seasoning or marinating. Our boneless NY Strips are carefully cut to 1 inch thick and weigh an average of 10-12 ounces. Try pan cooking, broiling, or grilling this classic cut to perfection!


-Vacuumed sealed and frozen

-USDA Packaged and labeled

-Dry Aged

-Grass and grain fed/finished

-humanely handled 

-100% Virginia Born and Raised 

-Due to raising pasture-raised animals, exact sizes may vary


Local pickup only in Chesterfield County Virginia. Pickups are by appointment only. Once the order is placed, we will be in touch to arrange a pickup time.

New York Strip- American Wagyu

Excluding Sales Tax
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